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American Bison, YellowstoneSam Scholes

Elephants, Uganda Elephants have miles of unbroken savanna to roam inside Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth Park, where their numbers total 2,500, a dramatic rise after heavy poaching in the 1980s. Outside the preserve villagers kill elephants that trample and eat crops, though attacks have diminished with the digging of trenches to protect fields from wild trespassers. Photograph by Joel Sartore, National Geographic


Lena Headey, photographed by Peter Hapak for Variety, June 9, 2014.

Goodness, this lady. 

“I play Leslie Knope, the head of the parks department in a small town and her dream is to build a new park. When Obama says, ‘Okay America, let’s get to work!’ Leslie is the one who responds, ‘Great! I have all these big ideas!’” —Amy Poehler for GQ.

New mural by @agostinoiacurci in Rome, Italy for the Sanba Street Art Festival.